Corn Maze + GW Graham Secondary + Terry Fox Foundation

Art students of GW Graham Secondary School had a unique opportunity this past school year to prepare some large paintings for the Chilliwack Corn Maze.  The collaboration came together thanks to Michelle Klim, our marketing manager, and Rebecca Sagert, the Art teacher at the school.

The students were challenged to design and submit a proposal for a painting to be showcased during the 2015 Corn Maze season.  We are so impressed by their creativity and can’t wait to have these out on display.  In exchange for their art, the Corn Maze was able to make a donation to the Art Department at GW Graham Secondary School. IMG_1148


One particular piece was put together specifically for the Terry Fox Foundation.  The students created an exact replica of the iconic “Marathon of Hope” Ford Econoline van that Terry used to make his way across the country.  They even included the “miles to date” (3339) and “miles to go” (1967).



The students worked hard to create something that will surely be a hit this fall.  All three paintings have spaces for people to pop their head through, meaning hundreds, or quite possibly, thousands of photos will be snapped of their art.

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