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love ball

Big Love Ball

Great news…The BIG LOVE BALL is the newest member of the Corn Maze Family! The Big Love Ball was created by a Vancouver designer, Wendy Williams Watt.  As the story goes, she placed the ball in her studio window and soon enough the Big Love Ball was getting invited to weddings, celebrations, fundraisers, events… and […]


Terry Fox Maze X 3

Did you know that we aren’t the only ones featuring the Terry Fox Foundation in our design this year?!  There are actually 3 corn mazes across Canada who have chosen to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope. The Hunter Brothers Corn Maze in Florenceville, New Bruinswick have a really beautiful corn maze […]


Taz the Zebu

Meet Taz.  Taz was born in Armstrong, BC in May 2007; he’s 8 years old.  He is a very special miniature zebu who just loves people.  He’s very friendly and really likes to be pet (but you still have to careful for his big horns).  He also loves fresh grass.  We just love him and […]


Corn Maze + GW Graham Secondary + Terry Fox Foundation

Art students of GW Graham Secondary School had a unique opportunity this past school year to prepare some large paintings for the Chilliwack Corn Maze.  The collaboration came together thanks to Michelle Klim, our marketing manager, and Rebecca Sagert, the Art teacher at the school. The students were challenged to design and submit a proposal […]

fox 2015

Announcing the 2015 DESIGN!

Happy Canada Day! We are so excited to finally announce the Corn Maze design for the 2015 season.  We have been waiting to share this exciting news with you.  Are you ready for it?!  Drum roll please…. THE TERRY FOX FOUNDATION! This collaboration has been in the works for quite some time.  In fact, two years ago we began […]